Ion Exchange Resin Product Data


Product data for the range of Tulsion resins available from Resin Products

By partnering with Thermax, one of the leading producers of ion exchange resins and specialty chemicals, Resin Products is able to offer our customers a wide range of resins which enable them to undertake a variety of water purification processes. The Tulsion group of ion exchange resins are used in purification, separation and decolourising processes across a broad spectrum of industries, from food and agriculture to nuclear. There are also some unique customised applications that are used in the EDM and electronics sector, pharmaceuticals and ultra-pure mixed bed versions.

While we provide standard resins for many processes, our experts are able to assess the needs of your process and develop a bespoke resin mix for a truly customised application. If your process is not included on any of the datasheets below, please contact us on 0121 796 6450 to discuss your options.

Tulsion ion exchange resins from Thermax – high grade resins for industrial use

Click below for Tulsion resin datasheets:

Adsorbent Resins

catalytic grade ion exchange resins

condensate polishing resins

Demineralisation Anion Exchange Resins

Demineralisation Cation Exchange Resins

mixed bed resins

Nuclear Grade Ion Exchange Resins

Special Grade Ion Exchange Resins

softening cation exchange resins

In addition, the Tulsimer product range is used for glass interleaving and as a wax filler in the investment casting process. This range is another offering from Thermax, with the products created with the same high quality specification as the Tulsion range.

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