Specialist Ion Exchange Resins for the food and agriculture industries

food and agricultureHere at Resin Products we are committed to supplying Ion Exchange Resins for use in water treatment processes and food processing. We offer the full range of the premium brand Tulsion® resins for use in many applications within the food and agriculture industries around the world.

Process water purification resins meeting BS6920 Food Safety standards

Ion Exchange Resins are used much more in water treatment applications than any other purpose. From water purification to water filtration, waste water treatment processes to industrial water filtration systems, these resins are applied to achieve a number of results.

Drinking water in the UK is governed by standards set by both the World Health Organisation and the European Union. The water must be free from contamination such as suspended solids, micro-organisms and toxic chemicals. Treatment of the water in a water purification plant using Ion Exchange Resins, together with other processes, ensures that the end product is water completely suitable for drinking.

Hard water, which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, forms hard scale on the surfaces it comes in contact with. During water softening, the water is passed over an ion exchange bed allowing the calcium and magnesium ions to adhere to the resin. The end result gives water containing only sodium salts which does not produce scaling. However, water which has a high alkalinity, even after softening, would need to be put through a further treatment of de-alkalisation.

Charged ions in natural water can be removed by de-mineralisation (de-ionisation) and is achieved by carrying out a two-column process.

Our water purity standards

Resin Products can provide resins to purify food processing water to meet US water standards and BS 6920, revised in June 2014, which now forms the basis for approval given by The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

BS 6920 Testing is made up of five individual tests which assess the water for odour and flavour, appearance, cytotoxicity, growth of aquatic micro-organisms, leaching of metals.

As UK and European distributor for Aldex, Resin Products can supply the specialist resins and water softeners to meet the exacting UK and EU standards for food processing.

Resins for decolourisation in Food Processing

Within the food and beverage industries, Ion Exchange Resins are required for a wide variety of uses. Whether purifying, refining and decolourising sugar or de-bittering fruit juice, resins are used to define the taste, colour and texture of the food and beverage we consume.

Resins are used to improve the flavour of fruit juices such as orange and cranberry by removing the bitter tasting part of the juices. Used in sugar refinery, the resins are used to remove the colour impurities in the raw sugar as well as some of the inorganics which may be present. They are also used to help convert one type of sugar into another and purify sugar syrups.

For more information on the on our Ion Exchange Resins for use in food and agriculture, please contact us via the website or email us at enquiries@resin-products.com or telephone +44 (0)121 796 6450.