Ion Exchange Resins for the treatment of water in the Gas, Oil & Chemicals industries

gas, oil and chemicalsResin Products supply high quality Ion Exchange resins and Oilfield Chemicals for commercial applications in the gas, oil and chemical industries across Europe. Manufactured by Thermax Chemicals Division, we provide the full range of TulsionĀ® resins.

Gas and Oil Extraction

We offer advanced solutions to help companies with the ever-increasing difficulty of extracting oil and gas in various locations.

To meet water purity legislation, water used in the extraction of oil and gas needs to be softened before use and needs to be put through a water purification process after use to remove any sodium, chloride and sulphate. Ion Exchange resins are used in these water treatment processes.

Oilfield Chemicals

Our Thermax Oilfield Chemicals are based on giving a great performance with strong chemical specifications. The range of Pour Point Depressants are able to handle crude oil with varying characteristics. They provide fluidity for the transportation of crude oils in the pipeline, improving flow characteristics of the oil which gives significant cost benefits. Without impeding the flow of the oil or gas, our products are effective in controlling scaling, corrosion and bacterial growth in pipelines.

Water Treatment Processes in the Chemicals Industry

Ion Exchange Resins are paramount in the water treatment processes which are needed to ensure the purity of the water for the chemical industry. Resins are suitable for the purification and separation of a number of contaminants such as micro-organisms, minerals and heavy metal ions.

To comply with environmental laws and guidelines, all waste water from chemical production facilities must be put through a thorough waste water treatment process to avoid pollution. Using resins for this process ensures that water is environmentally safe.

As well as using resins for water purification processes, they are also used as highly efficient catalysts in the chemicals industry. They are used to accelerate reactions, used for the treatment of brines for electrolysis and treating solutions such as rinse water or electroplating baths.

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