General Filtration – consumables and resins for water purification systems

general filtrationIon Exchange Resins are highly effective for many applications in various industries around the world. Whether used for separation, purification or decontamination purposes, these resins are suitable for use in the treatment of industrial water supplies, sewage and waste water from many industries as well as being integral for the reduction in scale and deposit build-up in boilers and washing appliances.

Waste Water Treatment

Water filtration systems for cleaning industrial effluent, the removal of toxic substances and the treatment of groundwater are some of the most popular uses of Ion Exchange Resins. Regardless of type of substance that needs to be removed during the waste water treatment process, we are able to provide a solution from our vast range of Tulsion® resins.

Choosing a process of water treatment which incorporates Ion Exchange Resins to remove contaminants from waste water ensures that companies are able to comply with the strict legislation covering industrial water treatment.

Sewage Treatment

Ion Exchange Resins are extremely effective when it comes to removing organic matter and suspended solids in the sewage treatment process, which ensures that all waste water is treated so that it is safe to be put back into rivers.

Other applications

The removal of calcium and magnesium in hard water and the reduction of alkalinity is recommended by manufacturers to allow boilers and laundry machinery to work at maximum efficiency. The use of hard water will lead to a build-up of scale and soap deposits and reduce the life of the appliance. Water treatment processes using Ion Exchange Resins are able to be applied to remove the hardness and alkalinity of the water as well as removing the dissolved solids, thereby reducing harmful deposits.

For those appliances using condensate technology, resins can be used to purify or polish the water returning to the boiler after condensation to remove any particles which may cause corrosion.

For specialised applications, we are able to supply unique resins tailored to suit particular requirements. Our Tulsion® range of Ion Exchange Resins, speciality polymers and water treatment chemicals are used in many applications across a wide range of industries covering every aspect of the ion exchange process. We also supply a range of vessels and their associated consumables such as filters and RO membranes.

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