Tulsimer filters, investment casting and the lost-wax process

investment castingHaving chosen to use an investment casting process for producing metal parts for your products, you need to be sure that the filters and wax fillers that go into creating the final moulds are of a high standard in order to produce a high quality item. With many years’ experience supplying ion exchange resins and specialist chemicals to a broad range of industries, Resin Products are ideally placed to provide you with the wax resins for your process.

The advantages of using Tulsimer filters in your investment casting process

Resin Products is pleased to be able to offer the Tulsimer range of investment casting filters from Thermax. Used exclusively as wax fillers in the investment casting process, the specialised free flow XLPS polymers of styrene and DVB offer many benefits such as:

  • Very low ash content giving fine surface texture to the finished product
  • Very high thermal stability for minimum and uniform expansion and contraction
  • High melting point for immiscibility with wax.
  • Highly inert
  • Unaffected by acids, alkalis, aliphatic alcohol and aromatic solvents
  • Can produce high quality precision parts due to fine particle size

With an amorphous structure which gives the thermal stability and therefore predictable expansion and contraction when melted for removal from the shell mould, Tulsimer products allow manufacturers to create detailed and high quality casts in which to manufacturer the final metal products. Below are the details of the Tulsimer products available from Resin Products.




CB(GEL): White free flowing spherical beads
CB-300 (4): White free flowing spherical beads
CB-3000: White free flowing spherical beads


Packaging Weight
Super sacks 650 kgs
MS drums 130 kgs
HDPE lined bags 25/30 kgs
Super sack 1430 lbs
Fibre drums 287 lbs
HDPE lined bags 44/66 lbs

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