Are your ion exchange resins up to the standard needed for the nuclear industry?

nuclear industry resinsDue to nature of the nuclear industry, purity standards for any water entering or leaving the system need to be very high. From the primary point of entry for water to be fed into to the system, through cooling areas, condensate process and to final expulsion of the water based effluent from the system, Resin Products can provide ion exchange resins appropriate for each stage.

Only styrene based ion exchange resins are currently used in the nuclear industry and Tulsion resins supplied by Resin Products can be used in the following processes:

  • Influent water treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Treatment of cooling agent for primary circuits
  • Condensate treatment
  • Effluent treatment

Tulsion resins – the ideal solution for ion exchange processes within the nuclear industry

By using Tulsion resins or tailored blends of resins, the experts at Resin Products can provide products with the chloride, hydroxide and metal ion concentrations demanded by nuclear industry standards. Below are details of the resin available specifically for use within this industry:


T- 46 Resin having minimum of 99% of its exchange sites in H+ and Li+ form. High bead strength and low metallic impurity.
A- 30 Resin having a minimum 90% sites in OH- form and less than 3% sites in Cl- form.
A-33 Resin having a minimum 92% sites in OH- form and less than 3% sites in Cl- form, having high breaking strength and low metallic impurity.
MB-104 Intimate mixture of strong acid T-46 Li+ and A-33 OH- containing one equivalent of Li+ per equivalent of OH-
MB – 106 Intimate mixture of strong acid T-46 H+ and A-33 OH- containing one equivalent of H+ per equivalent of OH- Used for ultra purification of water


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Resin Products can support the needs of a broad range of industrial sectors. Our customers range from water treatment plants to pharmaceutical, biodiesel and nuclear based manufacturing facilities and we can also supply distributors, dealers, commercial/institutional buyers and OEM accounts with the appropriate products.

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