Effective ion exchange resins for heavy and precious metal reclamation

precious metal reclamationRecovering precious and heavy metals from their ores through hydrometallurgy is a highly specialised process and the solutions and resins needed can vary depending on the metals to be extracted, the composition of the ores they are found within, and the type of initial leaching process used for the dissolution of the metal compound into aqueous media. Our experts work with our customers to provide the right ion exchange resin to enable the process to move forward to the final electrolysis or precipitation stage.

Specialising in the supply of Tulsion resins manufactured by Thermax, Resin Products can support the needs of metal manufacturers whether they are looking to produce metal for sale as a raw material or need extra refining for ultra-high purity metals. With over 35 years as a key supply manufacturer of ion exchange resins and specialist chemicals, Thermax’s premium Tulsion resins are used worldwide in process application technologies.

Tulsion T-54, the ideal resin to separate metals from a leached metal ore solution

A strong acid resin containing sodium ions for exchange, the fine mesh cation resin T-54 is ideal for use in the precious metal reclamation process. As with all Tulsion resins, T-54 benefits from the following stability parameters:

  • Osmotic shock
  • Chemical (crosslinked polystyrene)
  • Physical (high maximum temperature stability of 280°F/140°C)

In addition, Resin Products carries a range of sodium and chloride based chelating resins if metal chelation is a more suitable process for your metal extraction purposes. Details of both the chelating resins and Tulsion T-54 are available by clicking here for the data sheet on special grade ion exchange resins.

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Resin Products can support the needs of a range of industrial sectors. Applications range from water treatment plants to pharmaceutical, biodiesel and nuclear based manufacturing facilities and we can also supply distributors, dealers, commercial/institutional buyers and OEM accounts with the appropriate resins.

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