Keep your windows free from hard water streaks with water treatment/softening ion exchange resins

window cleaningWhen running a commercial window cleaning or manufacturing company, you want to ensure your work is up to a professional standard. Hard water streaks are very noticeable and can leave the wrong lasting impression with your clients, so an efficient and competitively priced solution to the problem can help you to retain satisfied customers.

Hard water stains are caused by water containing calcium and magnesium ions which have a tendency to associate with other ions and compounds to form hard scales on any surface they make contact with, such as glass windows. Water softening using ion exchange resins is employed to remove the calcium and magnesium ions and therefore prevent the further accumulation of ions and compounds which cause the problem.

At the end of the softening or service cycle, the resin bed is ‘exhausted’ and there is a need of regeneration of the sodium ions before it can remove hardness again. After every service cycle, the resin is backwashed with water followed by regeneration with 5-15% of sodium chloride solution.

In addition to being a useful tool for window cleaning, this water softening process can be used for scale prevention in low and medium pressure boilers as well as other systems to prevent scaling.

High quality resins to provide water softening for all your window cleaning needs

Resins recommended for window cleaning applications are:

  • Tulsion MB111 – a general purpose cost-effective resin for areas with naturally softer water
  • Tulsion MB115 – a premium product which performs excellently in harder water areas – proven in tests and in practice to last longer than competitive resins
  • Resin Products RP60 – a high-performing, value product for the more cost-conscious

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