Nitrate C3 Media Bag

C3 Media

  • The C3 Crystal Clear Nitrate bags fit inside the filter keeping tank Nitrates down as low as zero, also giving the best clear water you will ever see. 
  • Already used by customers across Europe the results speak for themselves. 
  • The fish are brighter and much more active.  The tank looks so much cleaner and pure.  The water just gets better and better with time. 
  • Available in varies tank sizes. 


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Nitrate Media Bag Filter 

Tank Size: 40 - 150 litre 


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I just like to say a massive thank you! After having problems as my tap water, which is very high in nitrates, Carl recommended I try C3 Nitrate Media and WOW within 72hrs my tank was crystal clear with very low nitrates. I am very very happy! In my honest opinion I believe that the combination of the products has improved the quality of my water and it is so much better for the fish. It is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. I would highly recommend both the products to anyone who is struggling with nitrates and would like to breed their fish or just to improve water quality overall. Once again, a massive thank you to all involved, especially Carl Dutton.
Nathan Bearder