Cintropur Filters and Accessories

Cintropur NW500
Cintropur Filters and Accessories


Ref. VF1037
Description Cintropur housing NW-500
Connection 2”
Features system:
  • Head made of polypropylene.
  • Transparent Glass.
  • Operating temperature between 0ºC and 50ºC.
  • Optional gauge.
  •  Made entirely of high quality synthetic materials.
  • Filters Cintropur are perfectly suitable for food products and drinkable water.
  • The centrifugal propeller Cintropur transforms water flow in a centrifugal movement, precipitating particles to the bottom of the vessel, while the filter mesh ensures final filtration in accordance with the chosen micron.
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Connection 2”
Average flow P=0,2b 18 m3/h
Pressure 10 bar
Max. working pressure 16 bar
Max. temperature 50ºC
Filter mesh (originally) 25μ

Dimensions (high) 770 mm
Dimensions (large) 363 mm