Industrial Equipment

Industrial R.O. to 2.000 ppm
Industrial Equipment

R.O. High Production 4040

Ref. OI2240
Description Industrial R.O. to 2.000 ppm
Production 800 L/h
Daily production 19.200 L/d
Features System:
  • Maximum conductivity of 3.125 mS/cm (TDS <2,000 ppm).
  • Prefiltration included with filters 5μ sediment.
  • Vertical pressure pump.
  • Portamembranas made of GRP to membranes of 4" diameter resistant to 300 PSI (21 bar) pressure maximum working.
  • 4040 polyamide membranes.
  • Control of pressure throughout the process gauges with glycerine.
  • Safety device and stop equipment start with pressure switch down.
  • Adjust the flow of production and needle valves recirculation or sphere installed in the pipes.
  • Electrical panel supply and safety, with powered three phase 400V, 50Hz frequency.
  • Electronic program control panel.
  • A device for measuring the conductivity real-time permeated water.
  • Working pressure 10-15 bar.
  • Piping and fittings from PVC pressure, optional stainless steel.

System Options:
  • Chemical desinfection membrane.
  • Dosage antifouling.
  • Bisulfite dosage.
  • OMRON display 7" with full automation.
  • OMRON display 7" without full automation.
  • Remote ethernet connection.
  • Stainless steel impulsion.
  • FLUSH2 with tank and horizontal pump included, commanded from the control panel. Assembled on the stainless steel platform.
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