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Aries FilterWorks cartridges uses ResinTech® mixed bed resins to ensure high-purity, demineralized water. These resins, combined with the cartridge manufacturing of Aries FilterWorks, provide consistent high-purity water quality with the backing of a strict quality control program. Mixed bed resins are available in various grades depending upon the applications requirements. Aside from the standard characteristic of demineralization, resin options include low odour (for humidification), and low TOC (for sensitivity to organics). These cartridges are ideal for processes requiring high-purity water for washing, rinsing, scale control, or “final polishing”.

High-Purity Deionization.The process used for removal of all dissolved salts from water is referred to as deionization or demineralization. Deionizers (DI) remove both cations and anions, releasing hydrogen ions (H+) in exchange for the former, and hydroxyl ions (OH-) for the latter. The hydrogen and hydroxyl ions subsequently combine to form pure water. Mixed-bed deionizers produce water containing the lowest ionic concentrations. Dual-bed deionizers produce water of lesser quality, generally unacceptable for specialized medical purposes. Custom mixes of almost any kind as well as separate component are used for different applications. These combinations are most useful at the final polishing stage of the effluent.

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