Colour Indicating Deionization


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MBD-100 2.5" x 10" Clear



Aries FilterWorks offers colour changing deionization cartridges for easy indication of resin exhaustion without the need for monitors or indicating lights.  Available in two configurations: High Purity and High Capacity, users have the flexibility to select the right cartridge to meet their effluent needs. High purity colour changing mixed bed filters provide a resistivity greater than 10 Megohm and distinctively change from blue to amber upon exhaustion. The high capacity cartridges provide better than 20 Kilo-Ohms and the speckled purpled cation resin changes to amber as the resin capacity becomes exhausted.  

Scale, Taste and Odor Removal. The process used for removal of all dissolved salts from water is referred to as deionization or demineralization. Deionization requires the flow of water through two ion exchange materials to affect the removal of all salt content. The use of an indicator dye, bound to the resin, that changes colour is specifically intended for use in clear housing. Such systems are designed without meters and rely on the changing colour of the mixed bed resins to indicate exhaustions and replacements of filters. 

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